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*****Latest Release and Development News*****

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***** Shut Up and Dance: Episodes 1-4.2 *****

 It's the story of a young man's life taking a turn for the worse and everything going downhill in an instant. A beloved person dies under suspect circumstances and in the blink of an eye the life you're used to is gone - a cushy home, not having to worry about money or food on the table, paying for your academic studies...

A carefree life - everything gone in a heartbeat...

As it stands now there seems no way out of this so you leave school and start working to help your folks cope with the situation - financially and emotionally. Until out of the blue our protagonist receives an interesting job offer from an unexpected quarter that promises to make things better.
But is it going to be a curse or a blessing? 

Well, that will be up to you as it's you calling the shots and making the decisions...


  • MILF
  • Vanilla
  • Corruption
  • Harem
  • Interracial sex
  • Public
  • Teen
  • And many more to appear


We provide a Public version of the game here, on itch.io, the development of which is possible through the generous support we get from our players and fans! If you like the game and want to get early access for the Special version of the game and other benefits, please consider supporting the project here or on our Patreon page, you can also find further Episodes of the game on Patreon.

This means a lot to us!

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P.S. All the previous episodes are included in the latest release 

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorBoring Games
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, animated, corruption, Erotic, milf, NSFW, Ren'Py, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


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*Android* Shut Up and Dance Ep.4 Ch.2

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I love the game, my greetings to the chef (creator) for making Sarah! I'm hooked, the rest of the episodes up to 8 (and soon 9) are avatible for Android in Patreon?

Thank you! Really glad you enjoyed!

And yes, all the episodes are available for Android.


I see the schedule is a new number then a previous number remaster. If I download Episode 4, will it go all the way up to Episode 8?

Itch version contains only remade episodes, so if you download the game from here, you'll get eps. 1-4. If you want to get all 8, I recommend downloading from Patreon (public version of all 8 eps. is also available there)

Will the episodes up to 8 be remastered or no? This game looks so much fun. Love a story filled game.

(1 edit)

Only Ep.5 and the first half of 6th need to be remade, 7 and 8 were done in good quality already :)


Thank you for the feedback. The female character models are outstanding lol

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When will ep 4 chapter 2 be available?

Pretty soon, in a few days only:)

Is there a walkthrough in these games

Am I doing the NTR part in this or being Ntrd

There's no NTR in the game.

im new and whats the difference between SU&D Ep 3 and Ep 7.. and why on patreon, your RS go like Ep. 3RE -> Ep. 8 -> Ep. 4RE -> Ep. 9 -> Ep. 5RE -> Ep. 10..

Hi! I'm in the process of remaking older episodes with better graphics. Currently ep. 4 and 5 are left to remake. 

Itch version has eps with improved visuals only while the one on Patreon has older unremade episodes and new 7th ep as well:)

@Boring Games, I can't load my saves at all :/ I'm on Android

Hmm, you can try to copy them manually from the previous version and paste in the saves folder of the newer version. (safes are located in "Android/data/com.boringgames.shutupanddance/..."


Okay I'll try :) thanks a lot

This is episode 1 but the download files all say it's episode 3. How do I download episode 1 of the game?

They're all included, so Ep.3 version has all eps (1-3) inside.


Thank you for letting me know since I was confused.

@Boring Games, if you choose the default options the variables set to "" instead of the default. (so you get lines like "She's my  after all" with the extra space between my and after)


Liking the game so far!

Oh, right! Thanks for the tip, I'm still working with the code and will apply it!

Will there be t-girl/ futa fetish?

No, this fetish isn't planned, to be honest.

Too bad...:D

You!!! xD

and yep.. too bad *Sigh